Six legs: run-swim-run-swim-run-swim! Side by side with your mate, endurance, adventure, fun!

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What is SwimRunX?

SwimRunX is a unique fitness event where teams of two compete by running and swimming continuously together over a series of swim and run legs.

Your adventure includes 3 swim sections, and 3 run sections – a run, followed by a swim three times, over a mix of two harbour swims, one ocean swim, and a mix terrain runs. Multi-sport adventure team fun!

Both participants do the full event. You carry your swim and run gear with you from start to the finish, and your mate is with you each step or swim stroke.

The total distance covered is 1200m of swimming and 4.2k running – fully supported with lifesavers, course marshals and a professional services.

Entry includes finisher medals!


Make 2020 the year you step up to SwimrunX




8 March 2020

8am Start

Wollongong harbour




  • Male, Female, Mixed 2 person team
  • 1st Medal and Prizes


Per team

Early Bird: Closes 1 January 2020: $140

On Time: Closes 3/3/2020: $160

Last Minute: 4/3/2020-8/3/2020: $180


Date: 8 March 2020

8am Start

Wollongong harbour




Per team

Early Bird: Closes 1 January 2020: $140

On Time: Closes 3/3/2020: $160

Last Minute: 4/3/2020-8/3/2020: $180


Male, Female, Mixed 2 person team
1st Medal and Prize


Leg 1 = 400m RUN + 250m SWIM

Leg 2 =  600m RUN + 300m SWIM

Leg 3 = 2.5km RUN + 800m SWIM


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getting there


Located on the coastal city of Wollongong NSW, only 80km south of Sydney makes for an easy and worthwhile trip. North Beach and the picturesque Belmore Basin (known as Wollongong Boat Harbour) are central to the city, with a host of cafe’s, shops, hotels and magic beaches on your doorstep.

Where to stay?

Wollongong has a host of affordable to more luxury accommodation options click here


A little over an hour south of Sydney, offering an easy drive or train trip, ( 2.5 hours outside Canberra)- makes for a perfect weekender or day trip – Travel options click here

CONTACT & MAPS click here

How does Swim Run X work?


You are a 2 person team!

Both participants complete the whole course – side by side!

Start at Belmore basin (Wollongong Harbour) you alternate between swimming and running a total of 3 swim sections, and 3 run sections. The runs are on a mix of terrains (Path, sand, pebbles) with easy to follow markers and marshals on the course. Two swims stay in the more sheltered harbour and the final swim begins in the harbour and over to finish to north beach – a fun ocean swim. (* If rough seas the final swim stays in the harbour).

SwimRunX is completed as a team of two, separated by no more than 10m the whole way, participants carry their equipment the whole time. (See what to wear for a guide).

Tell me more?

Unlike most single discipline sports, SwimRunX does not favour runners or swimmers, the event is staged to ensure athletes who are good at both disciplines participate.

The course crosses footpaths, pebble/rock, sand runs and fences to navigate, so teams who work together typically do well in SwimRunX.  Two of the swims use a jetty jump into deep water, and the other is a beach transition that requires you to navigate your way through moored boats. Teamwork is the secret to success in SwimRunX; don’t leave your buddy behind!

How do you stay together with your partner?

In the swim you can choose your position: swim side by side, follow your mate, or simply stay within 10m of each other.  In the run: Run side by side, or follow, simply stay within 10m of each other.  You must, however, pass through each transition together.

Registration / Check In

Once you have you have successfully entered, a confirmation email with event day instructions will be forwarded to you. Please read and retain.


  1. Arrive early (allow minimal one hour) to collect your entry kit and make your way to the start line.
  2. Registration collection is at City Beach Surf Club Hall (Beach side Marine drive, Wollongong)
  3. Please ensure you have read the event rules and arrive with all your equipment
  4. All participants MUST attend the pre-event course safety and briefing and equipment check on shoreline of Wollongong harbour (start location) at 7.30am.
  5. Event will commence at 8 am
  6. PLEASE NOTE: The event finish line is on NORTH BEACH (900m north of the harbour)

Course Description

SwimRunX Wollongong has six legs, three runs, each of which is followed by a swim.

Total distance approx 6.5km…

The course is well layed out and you can see most check points as you proceed.

Start at Wollongong Harbour for your first run of 400m sand/path, than into the harbour for a short 200m swim to the jetty, out and around the historic lighthouse for the 600m path/pebble/road run, than off the jetty! for the next swim of 300m back to the harbour shoreline, than its the longest run of the day of 2.5km (flat path/sand) to north beach and back to the harbour, before you enter for the final swim back around the harbour for the 800m ocean swim. If the seas are rough the final swim remains in Wollongong harbour. Total swims ~1200m and total running ~4.5km

You pass through 5 check points. You can’t leave transition on your own, you must be with your buddy when both of you have secured your transition band.

The course will be marked by cones and signs, with officials placed at each transition to guide athletes, ensure equipment is not dropped, and enforce the buddy system so that teams stay together.  Teams stay together and carry all equipment with them.

Water stations are on course and at finish line

The team must cross the line together.

Entry Inclusions

Here is a list of the benefits that you will receive with your race entry:

  • official entry, approvals, to support a safe and well organised event,
  • Eyeline swim cap
  • Finisher medals
  • Chip timing and results
  • Fantastic location and course venue
  • Safe and professionally managed event
  • Supportive volunteer crew
  • Key services as First Aid, Aid-Stations & post-event recovery
  • Fun, challenging event experience not to miss!

What to Wear?

Within reason, in SwimRunX you can wear just about anything you want that is appropriate for the event, however, you must wear shoes, and the swim cap provided at registration.  The swimsuit you choose should be appropriate for open-water swimming. Wetsuits, goggles, pull buoys and hand paddles are all options, – you swim with your shoes and run with your wetsuit on.  If you start the event with something you must finish with it too.

Tell me more about the equipment?

What the pro’s wear: If you want to go all out check out the gear competitors wear during the longer versions of the event.

Take a look at all the gear you can use, or keep it simple as you want – remember its not a overly long distance, and based on fun and having a go:

Footwear: The shoes you choose must suitable for climbing over rocks.Light weight joggers that don’t absorb too much water are best, but you can use your standard training shoes.  Socks are an option, but they do hold lots of water.

Cap: The swim cap provided at registration is bright to ensure you are always visible.  If you need to wear a second cap, it must be underneath the event swim cap.

Swimwear: You have lots of options.  Various forms of wetsuit are often worn to help with keeping warm, but they also provide extra buoyancy to compensate for the shoes.  In warm water events a short sleeve wetsuit or Tri-Suit may be more suitable, with a pull buoy carried to help with the buoyancy.  If you think it’s too warm for a wetsuit, swimming jammers or neoprene training shorts for the men would be a good start to avoid chaffing and potential exposure.  For ladies, a one-piece swim suit with longer legs would be appropriate too.

Swimgear:  Pull buoys, paddles, fins, snorkels and masks are all suitable equipment for the Wollongong SwimRunX.  Pull Buoys can be strapped to the leg to free up your hands for running and scaling the rocks. Paddles also help with scaling rocks, and give extra pull to compensate for the lack of kick available.  A snorkel and mask can be work for those who enjoy the comfort of a full-face goggle, but you’ll need to keep your snorkel attached on the run.   Some athletes choose to wear fins, so you’ll need to think about how to carry your shoes during the swim.  If you wear fins during the swim they need to be carried during the run!

And If I can’t leave it, how do I carry my gear?

Whatever you start with must be carried throughout the entire course.  If you want to check out gear professionals use, follow the links below.  Check out some cooler water SwimRunX gear.

Is it a Race?

Whilst the event is timed and prizes will be offered to the first three teams in each category – Men, Women & Mixed teams.  SwimRunX Wollongong can be taken on equally as a fun challenge. Every team member that completes the course will receive a SwimRunX hat.

We expect quicker teams to finish within 45 minutes and slower teams have an allocated 100 minute cut off.   You’ll need to do some training for this event, so don’t leave your planning to the last minute.  If you need some help send an email to the race organizer and we’ll get back to you with some guidance.

Do I need to qualify for the event?

Whilst there is no qualifying criteria for the event there are conditions on entry. The conditions on entry to the event are:

  1. Each participant must certify they can swim 1500M unassisted in open water.
  2. The minimum age for participation is 14 YO at the date of the event
  3. All participants must complete a waiver attesting to acceptance of terms and ability to finish the event.

The event organiser reserves the right to remove a participant from an event if they believe the participant is incapable of completing the event safely


We strongly recommend participants read all information available on this website before entering. SwimRunX Wollongong whilst designed to offer a safer and shorter event than the more endurance ‘adventure swimrun’ races, it is still a challenging sport. It is important you and your team are well prepared. It’s not a race for most, though at minimal you are required to be competent in the open water and ocean. Please read the rules carefully (in particular referring to registration) before entering.

Start Times



Cut off Times

  • 100 minutes from event start


Wollongong Boat Harbour is a mostly protected small boat harbour. The harbour is typically clean and safe, though can become windswept and storm water may reduce the water quality as per most beach locations. The swim to north beach is an open water swim and surf dependant on swell. The safest, shortest path is chosen. Lifesavers are on hand to support the swim. The runs are on sand, road/cycle path, rocks and a beach mix.  It could be a warm day, or it could be cold, so you’ll need to plan your options in case we hit a bad patch of weather.

Contingency plans

Rough seas and large swell may require the final leg of the event to be moved, with the swim leg reduced to a 600m lap of Wollongong harbour.  The final swim leg will be advised on the day based on the nature of the prevailing conditions.

Cancellation is rare and will only occur after a strict review of the event risk management plan.  This could be due to extreme weather, ocean conditions, excessive blue bottles or other factors placing participants at risk. In first instance, the event referee will act to a modified / shorter course. Wollongong harbour is mostly protected and it is extremely rare a swim cannot occur. Please review your event rules and waivers.


Activate Events has conducted over 40 Aquatic events in Wollongong harbour and has an exemplary safety history. Strict risk management processes are in place, and services as onsite first aid and lifesavers all form a key part. All swimmers must wear the provided brightly coloured swim cap. The swim is contained within the harbour, watched closely by our lifesavers. Wollongong Harbour offers a mostly sheltered and safe location though it is paramount swimmers are aware of inherent risks with open water swimming and are appropriately prepared. Whilst all care and safety is taken, participants must observe all safety directions. Water referees will determine the most suitable swim course and/or course modification if conditions are deemed less safe.

These vessels will be following the swimmers around the course:

  • Maritime Rescue Boat (subject to event/RMS discretion)
  • Minimal 1 x IRB’s for harbour swim venue and two (2) for ocean swims
  • Lifeguard operated jet ski’s with mats (subject to event and venue)
  • Rescue Boards
  • Surf Skis
  • Rescue Tubes

First Aid
First aid will operate at the shoreline, on course and finish by appropriately trained personnel. Medical and emergency services are on standby

Emergency Evacuation Plan
On the Day of the Event, there will be a full briefing for all water and land safety directly involved, in regards to any major risk or incident, requiring all swimmers to evacuate the water or runners to evacuate the course

The statistical percentages of support vessels to swimmers shows that our Risk Management Plan, specific to water safety and support paddlers, incorporates the necessary protocols and numbers on the water to effectively


  1. General
    1.1 Athletes will be in teams of two.
    1.2 Athletes must carry all their own equipment at all times.
    1.3 It is a condition of entry that athletes must agree to read, understand and abide by all rules listed on event website (
  2. Registration Agreement
    2.1 To be able to participate in a SwimRunX Wollongong event you must have a team consisting of two persons that are at least 14 years of age on or before race day. Both team members must attend registration and the safety breifing.
    2.2 Entry fee is final. A 50% refund will be available up until 30 days prior to race day. After this date no refunds will be processed.
    2.3 It is allowed to change one team member in your team with a $20 administration fee. This can only be done up until 7 days prior to race start, NOTE: you must remain in the same category your team is entered (male must swap with a male and female with a female).
    2.4 No external sales of your entry are allowed.
    2.5 On the day of the event due to risk of athletes safety the event organiser has the right to stop, cancel or alter the race.
  3. Race course
    3.1 The race course will be marked. However it is the athletes’ responsibility to know the course.
    3.2 The participants must follow the marked course any variation will result in disqualification.
    3.3 The participants must at all times stay on the foot path, or designed run course.
    3.4 The course is open to the general public, please be considerate and give the public right of way at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Please note this will result in racing being cancelled in the future.
    3.5 Safety Checkpoints will be located at the transition entry and exit, it is important your number is clearly visible here. Missing a checkpoint will result in disqualification.
    3.6 It is possible that event organisers may change the course for safety or other reasons.
  4. Equipment
    4.1 General about Equipment.
    -All teams need to bring all their equipment from start to finish, if a team fails to bring all their equipment to the finish line they will be disqualified.
    4.2 Mandatory equipment:
    -Wetsuit (recommended) or race suit/swimsuit suitable for running and swimming
    4.3 Mandatory equipment that the organisation will supply:
    -time chip must be worn visible all the time during the race
    -Swim caps must be worn visible during all swim sections
    4.4 Recommended equipment:
    -Paddles and Pull Buoy
    -Wetsuit or Triathlon suit
    4.5 Equipment check, there will be a mandatory gear check carried out before the race.
    4.6 Equipment that is NOT allowed:
    -Floatation help that is bigger than 100 cm x 60 cm.
    – Any form of propulsion from a motorized source or deemed to be an unfair advantage by event organisers (if you are unsure please contact us prior to race start).
  5. Timing
    5.1 Your time is from the start time until the last of the two team members have passed the finish line. It is important you stay within 10m of each other at all times.
    5.2 Cut Off Times. 90 minutes from your event start.
  6. Athletes Responsibility
    6.1 General:
    6.1.1 The participants must know the rules and follow these at all times
    6.1.2 The participants shall respect other participants, organisation, spectators and the people living in the race area.
    6.1.3 The participants are not allowed to use unfair methods to get advantages or outside assistance.
    6.1.4 The participants are obliged to help in case of emergency if the organisation or other athlete is asking for it.
    6.2 Before the race:
    6.2.1 Should participants choose to train and scout the course area prior to the race we ask you to respect the residents in the area. Participants do this at their own risk.
    6.2.2 It is the athletes responsibility to be physically capable and have the required fitness level to complete the course. SwimXRun Wollongong is a demanding sport that requires a high level of fitness.
    6.3 During the race:
    6.3.1 The participants are participating at their own risk and can not hold the organisation responsible for any accident during the race.
    6.3.2 The teams are obliged at their best ability to help another team that has been injured or being sick.
    6.3.3 A team that has abandoned the race shall report as soon as possible to the organisation, this can be done at the start/finish of any swim section, alternatively at the race start/finish area.
    6.3.4 Littering on course in anyway is strictly prohibited. If a team is seen doing so they will get disqualified.
    6.3.5 Athletes must at all times follow the instructions of race officials
    6.3.5 It is the athletes responsibility to know the course, any alterations will result in disqualification.
  7. Race jury
    7.1 Race jury is the race director and two persons from the race organisation.
    7.2 The race jury will:
    -Enforce the rules
    -Decide the outcome of a protest
    -Decide about disqualification
    -Decide about course changes and changes in the rules
    7.3 At least two members of the jury is needed to be able to take a race jury decision.
    7.4 The race jury has the right to use “common sense” to take a decision about arisen situation if it is not clear in the rules
    7.5 The decision of the race jury is definitive.
  8. Protests
    8.1 A protest must be given in written to the race organisation within an hour after finishing the race.
    8.2 A protest must include:
    -Time and location
    -Team number and signatures of the team members
    -Team number or team name of the team that the protest is against
    -The reason for the protest
    -If possible include witness with name or team number
    8.3 A protest that does not fill the criteria of point 7.2.2 will not be accepted.
    8.4 A decision from the race jury will be communicated with to those involved as soon as possible.
  9. Disqualifications
    Offence against the rules leads to disqualification.
  10. External assistance
    It is not allowed to receive assistance from other people or vehicles (with the exception of race officials eg. Aid Station). Each team has to make their own way from start to finish. Athletes can not use any equipment outside the rules to gain an unfair advantage over other competitors.
  11. Safety
    11.1 The two members of each team have to stay together at all times and can not be more than 10 metres apart. This will be policed throughout the event.
    11.2 The race organisation can refuse a team to continue if they judge them not capable, caused by fatigue or being in such bad physical condition.
    11.3 Diving head first into the water is strictly prohibited
    11.4 The wearing of headphones is strictly prohibited
    11.5 When crossing a road, athletes must take all caution. Athletes must follow road and traffic rules at all times.
  12. Media and sponsor exposure
    12.1 The teams are allowed to have sponsors marked on their race gear.
    12.2 The race bibs cannot be modified in any way and must be worn all the time
    12.3 Pictures and film free rights. The participants gives the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in marketing, press material, internet, television and movie.
  13. Accepting the rules
    13.1 By entering the race each team member accepts the rules in full

entry terms & conditions

Safety and Risk Warning (Section 5M Civil Liability Act 2002)

All participants intending to race/partake in this event must agree to abide by the following safety and risk warning statement.

Swim Related Surf boats, surf ski paddlers and other support craft will be patrolling the course for the duration of the Wollongong Splash  (Aquathon swim section and/or Ocean swims) (hereafter called the Event). If a swimmer feels unable to go on, they should attract the attention of the water safety personnel. DO NOT PANIC, remain stationary, raise your arm and wait for assistance. A swimmer deemed incapable of completing the course will be brought onto one of the support vessels by the water safety team and transported to shore. However, please note that your safety cannot be guaranteed.

Warning is given to all entrants that this is a demanding ocean swim Event. Obvious risks include and are not limited to the following: injury and/or drowning, due to being hit by other persons, objects, boats or vessels. Other obvious risks include, cold weather and water, entry and exit injuries, stings, sandbars, medical conditions and sharks.

Swimmers enter at their own risk and are responsible for their own physical condition. Any swimmer who has not passed the halfway point 1km within 45 minutes of the last age category wave will be removed from the Event and transported to shore.

Any swimmer who does pull out of the Event must notify event officials immediately and return the ankle strap timing chip. Failure to return the timing bracelet will result in a fee of $50. If you withdraw from the Event and need transport to North Beach/Harbour, the Event organisers have supplied a shuttle bus which is located at the security bag drop location at event finish.

Prior to starting your swim, you must cross over the timing mats which are located on the beach. Failure to cross these mats will result in no timed swim. The mats are located between the barriers on the beach, at the starting area, identified by the flags on the beach.

While in the water, all swimmers must comply with the directions of lifeguards and/or the water safety team, if you fail to do so you will be disqualified from the Event.

Known Conditions Statement: It is the responsibility of the swimmer to inform themselves of the beach and water conditions.

Insurance Activate Events is covered by its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident insurance. It is strongly recommended that you take out your own personal accident and ambulance cover for the Event. Your private health insurance policy may include this, however you will need to check this specifically with your private health insurer


There are numerous obvious risks to participating in the ‘Splash and Dash Festival’ (hereafter called the Event).

Obvious risks include and are not limited to the following: injury and/or drowning, due to being hit by other persons, objects or boats, health conditions as cardiac events, Other obvious risks include, cold weather and water, entry and exit injuries, trips and falls, heat/cold extremes, physical exertion, stings, sandbars, medical conditions and sharks. Each entrant should be of competent physical ability to compete the event(s) and where event(s) include water, the swimmer should be a competent ocean/surf swimmer.

Each participant will be required to wear a timing Bracelet (Aquathon), swim cap (Aquathon/swim) run/walk identification bib or identifiable event band.

Officials maintain the right to reject or refuse any entry.

Medical officers commissioned by Activate Events have the authority to remove a competitor from the event without reason.

All swimmers are to wear their prescribed cap and timing bracelet.

The decisions of the Race Director are final. All participants are to behave in a sportsman like manner.

Disclaimer 1.  I hereby waive release and discharge all and every claim, right or cause of action (including for negligence, for breach of contract or breach of Statute) for which I might have or which arises out of my death, injury, damage or loss of any description which I may suffer or sustain as the result of my participation in the Event.

2.  This waiver release and discharge shall operate jointly and severally in favour of the Indemnified Parties, namely: Activate Events (T/A Robert Battocchio), Wollongong City Council, Destination Wollongong, City beach and North Beach Surf Life Saving Clubs, Wollongong First Aid Australia Pty Ltd, Multisport Timing Australia, Illawarra Triathlon Club, New South Wales Maritime Authority, the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia (and any of its State Centres, Branches, affiliated Surf Live Saving Clubs and Committees), sponsors, supporters, persons, corporations, contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers, servants and employees involved or otherwise engaged in organising, promoting, staging, administering, running or controlling the Event.

3.  I agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the indemnified parties against all actions, suits, demands, claims, proceedings, costs, expenses, liabilities and judgments (including for negligence, breach of contract or breach of statute) arising out of or in relation to my participation in the Event. This indemnity may be pleaded as a bar to any action, claim, demand, suit or legal proceedings.

4.  I consent to receive such medical aid or preventative treatment which may be deemed advisable in the unfettered discretion of Event Medical personnel and Lifesavers in the event of any injury accident or illness to me as the result of my participation in the Event.

5.  I consent to the free use of my name, personal information, photograph, interview or appearance in any newspaper, promotion, advertising material, publication, video, broadcast, website or use in any media now known or yet to be devised, by the Event and/or its sponsors.

6.  I agree to allow sponsors to contact me on offers and services that may be of interest with my choice to unsubscribe or opt out at my own discretion at any time.

I agree to use of my images, name for purpose of social media or event promotions.

7.  I affirm that I have properly trained for and fully satisfied myself as to my physical and medical condition to compete in the Event.

8.  I agree to abide by and accept the rules and regulation of the Event whether announced on the day or prior thereto and to accept the decisions of both the Race Director and the Race Committee.

9.  I agree and accept that the Event Director/Committee may, at its absolute discretion, vary the rules and regulations of the Event and without prior notice to me.

10.  I agree to accept full responsibility to inform myself and assess all the dangers hazards and risks of entry in the Event and rely solely on my own assessment of these dangers, hazards and risks before participating in the Event and not with standing any decision thereon made by the race committee and other persons corporations and bodies involved engaged in promoting or staging the Event.

11.  I agree that in the event of cancellation of the Event my entry fee shall not be refundable.

I agree that as a person to whom recreational services are supplied by the organisers, it is a term of my entry that I engage in the recreational activity of the Event at my own risk.

12.  I agree that the terms and conditions contained in this entry form shall be construed broadly to provide a release, indemnity and waiver to the Indemnified Parties of any liability for loss injury or other damage to personal property to the maximum extent permitted by law

13.  The Event reserves the right to recoup from the participant any costs associated with a Search & Rescue if that participant has failed to notify officials that they have withdrawn from the event. Indemnity in respect of persons under 18 years

In consideration of the Event agreeing at my request to accept the entry of the minor applicant I agree for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators to indemnify and keep indemnified the Indemnified Parties against all actions, suits, claims, proceedings, demands, cost, expenses, liabilities or judgments which the applicant and I may have against the Indemnified Parties but for the terms of this agreement in respect of any death, injury, damage or loss sustained by the minor applicant as the result of the minor applicant’s participation in the Event. I affirm that I have full authority on behalf of both Parents and/or Guardian to sign this indemnity AND that this indemnity may be pleaded as a bar to any action claim demand suit or legal proceedings.


The Event policies and management practices ensures high professional standards in the delivery of the Event are maintained, whilst prioritising safety and reducing hazards to swimmers and personnel involved in the Event.

Refund conditions: Participants must contact the Event organisers more than twenty-one (21) working days prior to the Event date outlining their request to cancel their entry. Registration fee less 50% will be refunded to cover administration, and bank fees and charges. Any Event participant who withdraws from the Event within twenty-one (21) working days of the Event date no refund will be payable. Dispute Resolution – Event Results and Sportsmanship The Event will ensure that all competitors have access to a fair and equitable process in dealing with grievance and provide an avenue for competitors to affect their final position.

The policies and procedures to raise a complaint and dispute must be completed as follows: Each complaint/dispute must be submitted in writing to the Race Director within 45min of the event for consideration. Each complain/dispute will be dealt with by the Race Director

Privacy Policy Activate Events respects your ability to make informed choices about the collection and use of your personal information. The Event respects your right to privacy and we are bound by National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act. We use personal information collected from competitors to inform them of competition details or advance notice of competitions. We consider that information provided by you to us is sensitive and deserves to be handled with the utmost care. For this reason, all files are strictly confidential and all information is classified.

Website Disclaimer Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is accurate. However the author expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

The author does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the information provided within the publication in terms of its correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise.

No oral or written information or advice given by the author shall create a warranty or in any way increase the scope of this warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.

Emergency Evacuation Plan On the Day of the Splash and Dash Festival (now called the Event) there will be a full briefing for all water and land safety directly involved, in regards to any major risk or incident, requiring all swimmers to evacuate the water or runners to evacuate the course

The statistical percentages of support vessels to swimmers shows that our Risk Management Plan, specific to water safety and support paddlers, incorporates the necessary protocols and numbers on the water to effectively have a full Emergency Evacuation Plan in place.

These vessels will be following the swimmers around the course:

Maritime Rescue Boat (subject to event/RMS discretion) Minimal 1 x IRB’s for harbour swim venue and two (2) for ocean swims Lifeguard operated jet ski’s with mats (subject to event and venue) Rescue Boards Surf Skis Rescue Tubes

Results: Posted 24 hrs after event completion